Pricing & Refund Policies

Pricing and Refund Policies

1 - The tickets can be claimed at the venue using the sms/email received during the booking process.

2 - The Earlybird tickets pricing is a limited period offer and ends on the 5th of November.

3 - TheatreFest Tickets unclaimed after 15 mins of the show-time mentioned on the ticket will stand cancelled. Please arrive at the venue on time to avoid missing the show.

Prices for Earlybird tickets are as follows:

  • Theatre (Matinee, Balcony) - 225/-
  • Theatre (Matinee, Ground) - 350/-
  • Theatre (Evening, Balcony) - 275/-
  • Theatre (Evening, Ground) - 450/-
  • MusicFest - 250/-
  • Standup ComedyFest - 250/-

4 - Cancellations and Refunds can only be done at the ticket counter during the festival.

5 - Pricing may change at any time on the company╩╝s discretion without prior notice.

6 - The ticketing of the festival is available only on the official Repertwahr website Tickets booked through any other platform will not be honoured.

For any queries, feel free to contact at +91 9795755850 or